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This seminar will give you the resources to effectively train your students for debating success; and to provide them with the skills to reach the highest level.

achieving debating success


2.1.2 Proficient Level - Know the content and how to teach it - Content and teaching strategies of the teaching area:  Apply knowledge of the content and teaching strategies of the teaching area to develop engaging teaching activities

3.1.2 Proficient Level - Plan for and implement Effective Teaching and Learning - Establish challenging learning goals:  Set explicit, challenging and achievable learning goals for all students

3.5.2 Proficient Level - Plan for and implement Effective Teaching and Learning - Use effective classroom communication:  Use effective verbal and non-verbal communication strategies to support student understanding, participation, engagement and achievement

4.1.2 Proficient Level - Create and maintain supportive and safe learning environments - Support student participation:  Establish and implement inclusive and positive interactions to engage and support all students in classroom activities.

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Session 1: Debating essentials Method, Matter and the Rules

Duration - 1 hour 40 mins

  • Benefits of debating
  • What is a debate? Physical demonstration
  • Speakers roles, matter, method and manner - manual/video
  • How to create the most effective team: Speaker types
  • Structuring the debate, the speech and the team case
  • Divide group into 4

Concrete topic: Affirmative and negative

 Abstract topic: Affirmative and negative

  • Preparation strategies steps 1 - 7
  •  Bridge diagram
  • Advanced matter and method techniques
  • Sample matter outline  
  • Great matter resources debatabase


Session 2: Delivering the Speech to win the debate - Manner

Duration - 1 hour 40 mins

  • Teaching powerful speaking delivery skills Workshops    
  • Constructing and delivering a persuasive speech
  • Advanced manner teaching strategies - manner cards
  • How to teach advanced speech writing skills
  • Preparation strategies speaker templates
  • How to manage secret topics

Session 3: The Winning Team - putting it all together

Duration - 1 hour 40 mins

  • Debate and adjudicate it
  • Types of rebuttal and consequent strategies
  • Adjudication tips adjudication sheets
  • Advanced debating tactics
  • Effective strategies to teach rebuttal skills
  • Plenary/evaluation

Venue Information


Club York Sydney
Level 2, 99 York St
NSW 2000


Club York is part of the Bowlers Club, with an entrance beside the Club. Take the lift to Level 2. A couple of buildings from the corner of Market Street, on the left-hand side heading towards Circular Quay. Middle of CBD.

Public Transport

5 min. walk from Town Hall Station, through Queen Vic. Building to Market St.  

Buses from George or York Streets.  Market Street is the closest stop.

Visit Transport NSW to plan your trip.


Available underneath the Club.  Entrance Secure Parking 168 Clarence Street (back of building).

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Ron Thomas

Australia wide Facilitator and Key note speaker for various Teacher Training providers in the Australian Curriculum, English, Writing, Drama and Debating. Facilitator for G.A.T.E.WAYS gifted and talented students programs nationwide. Author of ‘Engaging Students in Drama’ Phoenix Education. Workshop presenter for VATE and Drama Victoria. My business runs seminars in Public Speaking, Leadership and Debating skills for students. I also run in school seminars for staff in the above plus English in the Australian Curriculum. Published Feature writer and poet.