Course Description

This course will show you how to plan and implement social action in the classroom. In this course you will use a social action lesson from the Dying to Live curriculum package as an example of how you can guide students to create change in their community. You’ll learn: -

  • What social action is in a classroom context.
  • Why social action is important to teaching and learning.
  • What the benefits of social action are to students.
  • Where social action fits within the Australian Curriculum.
  • Steps to implementing social action in the classroom, including: Identifying a problem to address through your social action; Developing an action question to guide your social action planning; Planning and implementing your social action; and
  • Reflecting and celebrating your social action achievements.

Target Audience

Primary and Secondary Teachers


Teaching Standards

2.1.2 Proficient Level - Know the content and how to teach it - Content and teaching strategies of the teaching area:  Apply knowledge of the content and teaching strategies of the teaching area to develop engaging teaching activities.

2.2.2 Proficient Level - Know the content and how to teach it - Content selection and organisation:  Organise content into coherent, well-sequenced learning and teaching programs.

3.2.2 Proficient Level - Plan for and implement Effective Teaching and Learning - Plan, structure and sequence learning programs:   Plan and implement well-structured learning and teaching programs or lesson sequences that engage students and promote learning.

3.3.2 Proficient Level - Plan for and implement Effective Teaching and Learning - Use teaching strategies:  Select and use relevant teaching strategies to develop knowledge, skills, problem-solving, and critical and creative thinking"

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Module 1 - Introduction

    • Start Here

    • About This Course

    • Dying to Live Community Conversations - HPE Years 9 - 10 Worksheet Resources

  • 2

    Module 2 - Understanding Social Action

    • What is Social Action ?

    • Why incorporate Social Action in the Classroom

    • Social Action in the Australian Curriculum

    • What Age is Social Action appropriate for?

    • Set a Learning Goal

    • Set a Learning Goal Activity

  • 3

    Module 3 - Choosing an Idea for Action

    • Key Terms

    • Where to Begin? Identifying your Problem

    • Framing an Action Question for your Social Action

    • Try it for Yourself

    • Coming up with Ideas for Social Action

    • Try it for Yourself

    • Other Strategies to help Think up Ideas for Action

    • Choosing and Testing your Idea

    • S.M.A.R.T. Fact Sheet

    • Try it for Yourself

  • 4

    Module 4 - Making your Social Action a Reality

    • Planning your Social Action Project

    • Planning Project Tool

    • Implementing your Project

    • Reflecting on the Success of your Project

    • Teaching Tips

    • Quick Check-In

    • Reflection Task

  • 5

    Module 5 Your Teaching

    • Teaching Resources

  • 6

    Module 6 - Reflection

    • Reflecting on your Learning

    • Reflection Task

    • Your Next Steps

  • 7

    Course Feedback

    • Course Feedback

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