General Description

The Five Elements of a Superb Essay

Practical Strategies to Teach all Five Elements

The Keys to a Superb Persuasive Essay: Motivation/Persuasive Purpose/Audience/Structure and Using the Mind

The Keys to a Superb Text Essay: Sophisticated paragraphing/‘Chunking’/Encapsulation/Topic Analysis/Task to Plan/Exam Answer Graphic/Organisational Graphics/Advanced Language use/Colour Coding the Criteria



All secondary English teachers


Teaching Standards

2.1.2 Proficient Level - Know the content and how to teach it - Content and teaching strategies of the teaching area:  Apply knowledge of the content and teaching strategies of the teaching area to develop engaging teaching activities


Are you in NSW? If so, this is relevant for you

Completing “The Tools for Superb Essays” before 4th February 2022 under NESA’s interim arrangements will contribute 5 hours of NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) Accredited PD in the priority area of Delivery and assessment of NSW curriculum addressing standard descriptors  2.1.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.

Via Zoom

This course will run via Zoom.  You will be sent the details of how to join this PD the day before the course runs.


Superb essays require superb expression

1 hour and 30 minutes

  • Pushing expression skills to the maximum

- Perfect Punctuation

- Beautiful Sentences

- The Best Vocabulary

- The Appropriate terminology and how to use it

  • Creating the best piece of writing a student has ever written

Teaching Superb Persuasive Essays

1 hour and 50 minutes

  • Motivational Strategies:
  • I can do it/I have the arguments/I can be convincing.
  • On top of the task:
  • Persuasive Purpose/Audience Orientation/Persuasive Language/Best Structure
  • What the Mind finds persuasive and how to satisfy it

Sure Fire Ways to Teach superb Text Essay Writing

1 hour and 40 minutes

  • Sophisticated Paragraphing
  • Sophisticated Essay Structures
  • Making learning and writing about it manageable by 'Chunking'
  • Using Graphics to clarify texts – themes plot, structure and character
  • Getting it across: ‘Encapsulation’, complexification and text saturation
  • Ensuring the Exam task is met: topic analysis, task drives plan, the exam answer is made visual (Task graphic, Criteria colouring)
  • Super expression skills: compression, quoting, glorying in the text’s prose
  • Harmonising all the elements

What To Bring

  • USB stick for materials


Ron Thomas

Ron Thomas

Australia wide Facilitator and Key note speaker for various Teacher Training providers in the Australian Curriculum, English, Writing, Drama and Debating. Facilitator for G.A.T.E.WAYS gifted and talented students programs nationwide. Author of ‘Engaging Students in Drama’ Phoenix Education. Workshop presenter for VATE and Drama Victoria. My business runs seminars in Public Speaking, Leadership and Debating skills for students. I also run in school seminars for staff in the above plus English in the Australian Curriculum. Published Feature writer and poet.