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Course Description

Nazi and other dictatorships redefined power and authority in the C20th. The day covers programming and content hacks, extensive range of sources and assessment ideas.

The course is designed to cover the now core topic of the new Modern History syllabus.

The Rise of Dictators


Essential for new and existing Modern History teachers to deliver the CORE HSC topic with Nazi Germany as the focus study.

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Hello... and welcome to the new syllabus core topic

    • Hi, I’m Lubna

    • Syllabus changes - observations and thoughts

  • 2


    • Peace treaties and consequences

    • Importance of Versailles

    • Resources and Sources

    • Survey Quiz

  • 3

    Rise of dictatorships after World War I

    • Conditions and features of dictatorships

    • Conditions that give rise to dictatorships - seminar

    • Overview of dictatorships

    • Features of dictatorship - seminar

    • Japan's dictatorship

    • Japan's dictatorship - seminar

    • Resources and sources

    • Rise of Dictatorships Quiz

  • 4

    The Nazi Regime to 1939 - Part I

    • Collapse of Weimar democracy and the rise of the Nazi Party

    • Weimar and the Nazis - seminar

    • Teaching with sources - seminar

    • Resources and sources

    • Consolidation of the Nazi Party 1933-34

    • Consolidation and ideology - seminar

    • The Nazi Regime Pt 1 - Quiz

  • 5

    The Nazi Regime to 1939 - Part II

    • Nazi power and authority

    • Role of prominent individuals - seminar

    • Methods of control - seminar

    • Impact of Nazi regime - seminar

    • Opposition to Nazism

    • Opposition to Nazism - seminar

    • Resources and sources

    • Nazi Regime Pt 2 - Quiz

  • 6

    The search for peace and security

    • Germany's ambitions

    • Japan's ambitions

    • League of Nations and United Nations

    • Search for Peace and Security - seminar

    • Resources and Sources

    • Search for peace and security - Quiz

  • 7

    Additional Resources

    • Resources

  • 8

    How to...

    • Sources - teaching and learning and assessment

    • HSC Examinations

  • 9

    Quiz time

    • Power and Authority Revision

  • 10

    Course Feedback

    • Course feedback


Lubna Haddad

Lubna Haddad

Lubna is an accredited History and Legal Studies teacher, and considers herself a curriculum and history nerd. She also founded Higher Learning in 2009, which partnered with TTA in 2023. Higher Learning offers high quality face to face professional development courses for teachers in NSW.
br> Lubna was Head of HSIE for ten years, and has marked the HSC and judged and marked the SC. She also presented at the HTAA’s annual conference on Nazi propaganda through film and Leni Riefenstahl.

Lubna has been creating and delivering Modern History courses since 2009, helping and supporting hundreds of teachers to improve their pedagogy, confidence in the classroom and ultimately, their students’ results. Her courses include Power and Authority, Civil Rights in the USA, Conflict in Indochina, Germany as the national study and Leni Riefenstahl. Most recently, she ran the booked-out workshop 'This is NOT Peel – Writing and Source Analysis in History'. Her courses are available online via TTA, and face to face through Higher Learning.

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