General Description

With a global pandemic teaching has changed. Now more than ever teachers need strategies to support their wellbeing.


You are probably here because you love teaching but are tired, exhausted and feel overwhelmed with the changing demands on teachers. Now more than ever we need to empower ourselves with simple yet practical strategies to strengthen our wellbeing.


This course was developed at the time of the Covid-19 global pandemic, out of a need to help teachers act as first-responders to their own wellbeing, however the strategies are relevant for any time.


As educators, we have all done hours of First Aid Training in how to respond to critical incidents at school. In this course, we use the DRABC acronym to learn practical strategies to respond to our own wellbeing NOW!


This course is for any teacher who works in a school, whether that be early childhood, primary, secondary or tertiary.


Whether you are a beginning teacher or an experienced leader in a school, the strategies here are applicable to all.


Please also know the course has been designed to take 5 hrs with some modules being longer or shorter than others.


I have also included a number of optional readings, research papers and links for further study.


Each module unpacks specific strategies teachers can use to act as first-responder to their wellbeing. All strategies are evidence-based with a foundation in Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance Commitment Therapy and Emotional Intelligence research.

The modules include;

D – Divergent Thinking

R – Rest your mind

A – Awareness of self

B – Believe you are enough

C – Celebrate daily


any one working in a school

Teaching Standards

6.2.2 Proficient Level - Engage in Professional Learning - Engage in professional learning and improve practice:   Participate in learning to update knowledge and practice targeted to professional needs and school and/or system priorities


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This course may contribute towards Elective PD hours. Visit for more details.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Module 1: Divergent Thinking

    • Introduction

    • Objectives

    • Welcome

    • Welcome Activity

    • Understanding VUCA and Change

    • Activity - VUCA

    • Divergent Thinking

    • Activity - Divergent Thinking

    • Maslow before Blooms

    • Activity - Maslow before Blooms

  • 2

    Module 2: Rest your mind

    • Objectives

    • Let go of busyness

    • Activity - Let Go

    • Take your MEDS

    • Activity - MEDS

    • Mindfulness as a tool

    • Activity - Mindfulness

  • 3

    Module 3: Awareness of Self

    • Objectives

    • The Domains of Wellbeing

    • Activity - Wellbeing conversations

    • Acceptance

    • Activity - Acceptance

    • Building Emotional Intelligence

    • Activity - Scenario

  • 4

    Module 4: Believe you are Enough

    • Objectives

    • Believe

    • Activity - Believe

    • Know your WHY

    • Activity - know your WHY

  • 5

    Module 5: Celebrate Success

    • Objectives

    • Celebrating Achievements

    • Activity - Celebrate Achievement

    • Share and Connect

    • Activity - Share and Connect

    • Final Reflection

    • Activity - Final Reflection

    • Conclusion

  • 6

    Course Feedback

    • Course Feedback

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