Course Description

3D Games are a substantial part of our students' lives, who see them as an art form, a means of socialising and an arena for competition. This course is all about engaging students in Python programming through the development of 3D using a tool called Ursina Engine which is free and very easy to use. This course will contain a general introduction to Game Development, followed by a methodical step by step overview of a Python 3D Game Design library called Ursina. Once complete teachers will have the confidence and the resources (handouts and video tutorials) to teach students how to develop two games using Ursina Engine.

Target Audience

Primary audience: Secondary teachers in years 7 -10

Secondary audience Teachers of computing in Years 11 and 12

Teaching Standards

2.6.2 Proficient Level - Know the content and how to teach it - Information and Communication Technology (ICT): Use effective teaching strategies to integrate ICT into learning and teaching programs to make selected content relevant and meaningful.

1.5.2 Proficient Level - Know students and how they learn - Differentiate teaching to meet the specific learning needs of students across the full range of abilities: Develop teaching activities that incorporate differentiated strategies to meet the specific learning needs of students across the full range of abilities.


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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to Ursina and Game Development

    • Introduction to the Course

    • Introduction to Game Development

    • Various Game Development Platforms

    • Introduction to Ursina

    • Quiz 1: General Knowledge on Ursina and Game Development

  • 2

    Ursina Breakout Game

    • Creating Entities with Various Shapes

    • Programming Collisions (Ball Bounce)

    • Creating a Box and a Bouncing Ball

    • Basic Breakout Game

    • Advanced Breakout Game

    • Quiz 2: 2D Ursina Applications

  • 3

    Ursina 3D Maze Game

    • Create a Player and a 3D World

    • Adding a Goal to the World

    • Creating a Basic 3D Maze Game

    • Advanced 3D Maze Game with Lava Blocks

    • Quiz 3: 3D Ursina Games

  • 4

    Using Ursina For Collaborative Assessment

    • Creating Assessments for Collaborative Projects with Ursina and Replit

    • Example Ursina Assessment Rubric

    • Learning a to Program a Shooting Dynamic in Ursina

  • 5

    course feedback

    • Course Feedback

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