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Course Description

By the end of the course teachers will:

  • enable stronger performance outcomes, performance evaluation and increased receptivity to feedback
  • recognise contributors to and influences on performance anxiety and poorer wellbeing
  • learn attributes and strengths that teach and support at risk students experiencing anxiety
  • understand contexts that reduce anxiety and improve self-efficacy
  • address negative perfectionism and re-align students to mastery goals
  • support students to connect, succeed and thrive in their development and learning.

Target Audience

This course is suited for those that teach students ages 10 and above, and ideal for dance, drama and music teachers. 

Teaching Standards

1.2.2 Proficient Level - Know students and how they learn - Understand how students learn: Structure teaching programs using research and collegial advice about how students learn

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Do you teach in NSW? If so, this is relevant to you:

Completing Managing Performance Anxiety for Student Wellbeing will contribute 5 hours of NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) Accredited PD in the priority area of Student/Child Mental Health, addressing standard descriptor 1.2.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers toward maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.


Course curriculum

  • 1

    Getting Started

    • Housekeeping

    • Getting Started

  • 2

    Mastering Performance Anxiety as Critical to Students’ Physical and Mental Wellbeing

    • Module Outcomes

    • Skills Required to Develop Strong Performance

    • QUIZ- Skills Required to Develop Strong Performance (1/2)

    • REFLECTION - Skills Required to Develop Strong Performance (2/2)

    • Impacts on student wellbeing

    • REFLECTION - Impacts on Student Wellbeing (1/2)

    • QUIZ - Impacts on Student Wellbeing (2/2)

    • Forum 1- Impacts on Student Wellbeing

    • Cognitive Skills Training

    • QUIZ - Cognitive Skills Training

  • 3

    Creating a Culture that improves Student Performance Outcomes

    • Module Outcomes

    • Ego vs Task Oriented Culture

    • QUIZ - Ego vs Goal-Mastery Oriented Culture

    • Critical Evaluation and Performance Appraisal

    • REFLECTION - Critical Evaluation & Performance Appraisal (1/2)

    • REFLECTION - Critical Evaluation & Performance Appraisal (2/2)

    • Forum 2 - Critical Evaluation & Performance Appraisal

  • 4

    Cognitive Skills for stronger Performance Outcomes

    • Module Outcomes

    • Perfectionism

    • Types of Perfectionism

    • Garbine Muguruza : "You can't think too far ahead!" | Australian Open 2021

    • REFLECTION - Perfectionism

    • Autonomy Supportive Environment

    • Forum 3 - Autonomy Supportive Environments

    • Self-talk for Strong Student Outcomes

    • REFLECTION - Self-talk for Strong Student Outcomes

    • Forum 4 - Self-talk for Strong Student Outcomes

    • Additional Activity - Optional Elective PD

    • Additional Activity - Optional Elective PD

  • 5


    • Resources

    • Self Talk Activity

    • Character Strengths

    • Australian Society for Performing Arts Healthcare (ASPAH)

    • The Bulletproof Musician

    • Bibliography

  • 6

    Feedback - Managing Performance Anxiety for Student Wellbeing

    • Please provide your feedback for this course


Sarah Marshall

Sarah Marshall

Sarah Marshall is a performing arts counsellor, an experienced vocal soloist, singing teacher and AMEB examiner who uses her tertiary training in psychology and counselling to assist others to manage performance anxiety and attain peak performance whatever the circumstances. Employing evidence-based strategies from performance psychology and peak performance practice of elite athletes and performers she assists groups and individuals to manage anxiety, develop presentation skills and grow in confidence.

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