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Course Description

This PD will give you an understanding of the physical activity guidelines in Australia - both for children and adults. It will explore the benefits of movement and exercise within a classroom setting and examine the key role teachers have in influencing physical activity and creating lasting change for students.

Accredited exercise physiologist, Marco Barciela, will provide you with a range of practical strategies you can use to incorporate physical activity into your classroom. 

Target Audience

Secondary teachers

Teaching Standards 

1.1.2 Proficient Level - Know students and how they learn - Physical, social and intellectual development and characteristics of students:  Use teaching strategies based on knowledge of students’ physical, social and intellectual development and characteristics to improve student learning

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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

    • Reflection Question

  • 2

    Current Crisis

    • Current Crisis

    • Reflection Question

  • 3


    • Benefits

    • Reflection Question

  • 4


    • Strategies – Movement Snacks

    • Reflection Question

    • Video - What is Physical Literacy

    • Strategies – Active Breaks

    • Reflection Question

    • Video - Bringing Physical Literacy to Schools

    • Strategies - Bookends

    • Video - Sports and Your Body

    • Reflection Question

  • 5


    • Physical Literacy Toolkit for Schools

    • Physical Activity In The Classroom

    • Top Resources and Activities

  • 6

    Course Feedback

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Marco Barciela

Marco Barciela

Marco is an exercise psychologist with vast experience working with children, adults and people with disabilities. He is the preferred provider of many support coordinators due to his interest in children’s psychomotor development and mental health. Marco develops his sessions around three main pillars: physical, cognition and emotion.

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