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How does AI perpetuate stereotypes?

Is the environmental cost of AI worth the benefits?

How can I stop my students using AI for assessments?

Can I copyright my AI-generated artwork / music?

Does AI tell the truth?

This course will provide a comprehensive discussion of the major ethical concerns with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and practical strategies for having conversations with students and colleagues.

Five main areas of AI ethical concern are covered: 

  1. Bias
  2. Environment
  3. Truth and Academic Integrity
  4. Copyright and Privacy
  5. Power

This course includes case studies that illuminate the real risks and concerns of AI, without focusing on the "end of the world" hype that currently dominates the media discourse.

Participants will leave with activities and strategies for holding meaningful discussions with students about the ethics of these technologies.

This PD was originally delivered as a webinar in September 2023. In this online version, transcripts of each video segment are also available for download.


Any K-12 educators and school leaders interested in AI ethics

Teaching Standards

4.5.2 Proficient Level - Create and maintain supportive and safe learning environments - Use ICT safely, responsibly and ethically: Incorporate strategies to promote the safe, responsible and ethical use of ICT in learning and teaching

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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • About This Course

    • Introduction

    • Reflection Question

  • 2

    AI Ethics: Bias

    • AI Ethics: Bias

    • Reflection Question

  • 3

    AI Ethics: Environment

    • AI Ethics: Environment

    • Reflection Question

  • 4

    AI Ethics: Truth and Academic Integrity

    • AI Ethics: Truth and Academic Integrity

    • Reflection Question

  • 5

    AI Ethics: Copyright and Privacy

    • AI Ethics: Copyright and Privacy

    • Reflection Question

  • 6

    AI Ethics: Power

    • AI Ethics: Power

    • Reflection Question

  • 7

    The Role of Schools and Educators

    • The Role of Schools and Educators

    • Reflection Question

  • 8


    • Resources

  • 9

    Course Feedback

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Leon Furze

Leon Furze

Leon Furze is an experienced educator, consultant and educational writer. He is the author of numerous English textbooks and study guides, including Practical Reading Strategies. He was a director of Learning and Teaching and a head of English before that.

Currently, Leon is studying the implications of generative artificial intelligence for education for his PhD and works directly in schools advising on AI policy and staff professional learning.

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