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Course Description

Are you a Chemistry educator looking to enhance your teaching skills in titration reactions? This course is designed to equip Chemistry teachers with the knowledge and practical expertise needed to effectively teach titration reactions to students.

Titration reactions are a fundamental aspect of Chemistry, and this course will empower you to understand the theoretical foundations and create engaging practical experiments, solve complex problems using mathematical formulas, and inspire your students to excel in this critical area of Chemistry.


  • Gain a deep understanding of the underlying principles, concepts, and theories behind titration reactions.
  • Learn the stoichiometry involved in titration reactions and how to teach it effectively.

  • Learn the principles behind the selection of indicators for titration reactions •Learn how to design and execute titration experiments in a classroom setting.
  • Discover essential laboratory techniques, safety procedures, and the proper use of laboratory equipment.

  • Master the interpretation of titration curves and learn how to convey this information to students effectively.
  • Acquire the skills to solve mathematical problems related to titration reactions and how to teach these skills to students.


Stage 6 Chemistry teachers

Teaching Standards

 2.1.2 Proficient Level - Know the content and how to teach it - Content and teaching strategies of the teaching area: Apply knowledge of the content and teaching strategies of the teaching area to develop engaging teaching activities

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Module #1 Introduction & Fundamentals of Titration Reactions

    • Download course guide

    • Introduction to titration reactions

  • 2

    Module #2 Making a primary standard

    • Primary Standard Solutions

    • Reflection Quiz

  • 3

    Module #3 Selecting and Using Indicators

    • Selecting appropriate indicators

    • Reflection Quiz

  • 4

    Module #4 Performing and Setting up Titration Experiments

    • Performing and Setting up Titration Experiments

    • Titration Experiments Quiz Review

    • Performing Titrations: Reflection Questions

  • 5

    Module #5 Titration Curve Analysis

    • Analysing titration curves

    • Analysing conductivity graphs

  • 6

    Module #6 Solving Titration Problems

    • Titration Calculations

    • Consolidation (30 mins)

    • Reflection Question

  • 7

    Module #7 Modelling Past HSC Questions

    • Past HSC Questions - worked out

    • Past HSC Questions - practice

    • Reflection Question

  • 8

    Module #8 Designing and running a practical Assessment task

    • Creating and running a practical exam

    • Designing and running a practical assessment

  • 9

    FREE Resources Download

    • FREE resources download

  • 10

    Course Feedback

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Do you teach in NSW? If so, this is relevant to you:

Completing Mastering Titration Reactions: A Guide for Stage 6 Chemistry Educators will contribute 4.5 hours of NSW Education Standards Education Authority (NESA) Accredited PD in the priority area of Delivery and Assessment of NSW Curriculum/Early Years Learning Framework, addressing standard descriptors 2.1.2 from the Australia Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.



Katrina Harte

Katrina Harte

Katrina is a multi-award-winning high school science teacher from Sydney, Australia who specialises in creating resources that support teachers and engage students. Katrina has over 10 years of teaching experience, including leadership roles such as Head of Science, Year Advisor, and Senior School Data Manager. She is currently working as a part-time Science Teacher and Data Manager at an independent Christian school in Sydney. Katrina has shared her expertise in published articles, as a presenter at numerous conferences, and has recently launched her own education resources, YouTube channel, and education blog (

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