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For all PD Coordinators. Your budget is precious. Research our courses risk-free before you invest. TTA offers a FREE 3 Month unlimited on-demand PD Subscription to one leader per school.

2024 HSC Trial & Year 11 Final Mathematics Exam Packages

Authored by Steve Howard * Release date: 24 June

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Features of TTA Online PD

  • Availability

    Online courses are available 24/7. Designed to be done in your own time at your own pace.

  • Money back Guarantee

    If you complete less than 25% of an online course and aren't completely satisfied, let us know, and we will cancel your enrolment and provide a full refund.

What Teachers Say About TTA

Kuyper Christian School

Jason Shade - Assistant Principal

"In recent years, TTA has become one the most versatile, accessible, and engaging professional learning services for our staff. The courses on offer cover a broad range of learning areas and have been extensively accessed by teachers and teachers aides, particularly in the online format. The TTA Online Team Subscription is excellent value, provides a flexible learning environment for staff, and will remain an important part of staff professional development in years to come."

Australian Islamic College of Sydney

Sanil Sen - Teacher Accreditation Coordinator

"This is one of the best things for teachers at AICS. I get compliments from teachers about their unlimited PD subscriptions. Teachers can do PDs on their own, in their own time and above all they can do as many PDs as they want. Not only are they getting hours towards their teacher accreditation, they have improved so much in the arena of education, teaching and learning."

Moree Christian School

Noel Kramer - Principal

“Using TTA as our PD provider has been fantastic. The process has been simple and the feedback from teachers has been extremely positive. They have encouraged each other to do the PDs they have found most beneficial. Because of this shared knowledge, the conversations around the staff table and at staff meetings have been stimulating.”

Maronite College of The Holy Family

Eli Asmar - Head of Secondary,

“The most challenging thing for me is the management side of things...but once the teachers do one or two courses and start to see the benefits of it, their attitude really starts to change."

Wagga Wagga Christian College

Heather Mansley - Head of Middle School

"Being in regional NSW the cost of training adds up! So this year the College decided to register staff for TTA to assist them in completing training. Some staff worked independently, others looked through the options and registered for the same course and completed the training together allowing for discussion and a shared learning experience. The feedback from staff has been overwhelmingly positive."

Richard Johnson Anglican School

Mrs Jenny Clay - Assistant Principal/Head of Secondary

"For us, it has been a very effective way to still support staff professional development in a cost-effective manner. They like the range that’s available to them and have found that online courses, which they can do at their own pace, have been very beneficial. Then you add COVID-19 and the shutdown in external delivery of PD, and those who have registered are happily accruing their PD hours regardless."

Glenwood High School

Dr Richard Schiliro - HT Teaching & Learning

“Purchasing TTA's Unlimited Subscription has been one of the most successful professional learning initiatives for Glenwood High School. Teachers have really appreciated the wide variety of courses on offer and having the flexibility to complete these courses at a time and place that suits them. Another benefit is that from an administrative perspective, the course enrolment and approval process is quick and easy.”


  • How do I enrol if my school is paying?

    When you click 'Enrol now' on any course landing page you will fill out a simple form which will cater for all enrolment options. Whether you are paying for yourself, or your school is paying, or you wish to do a team enrolment, it is all covered in this form.

  • How long does it take to get access to an online course?

    You will get access to the online course within a few minutes.

  • Is an unlimited subscription worth it?

    If you or your teachers might do at least 1-2 online courses in 12 months then yes, unlimited access starting at $249+GST can quickly become very cost effective. Many of our courses cost $329+GST for a single online course.

  • Do I have to finish an online course all in one go?

    No. Our online PD platform is self-paced. You can finish an online course in your own time at your own pace.

  • What if I'm not happy with the course?

    If you complete less than 25% of an online course and aren’t impressed, simply let us know what happened, and we will cancel your enrolment and provide a full refund.

  • How do I pay for my own PD?

    You can purchase an Unlimited Individual Subscription at $349+GST for 12 months or pay as you go by simply selecting the appropriate option in the 'Enrol now' form