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R Ü SHAW (Max) is a DJ and electronic music producer who came to us with a simple question - can I do music for HSC? Our answer led to one of our favourite HSC music journeys.

In this webinar R Ü SHAW joins us to recount our two-year journey to present three EDM “bangers” as elective compositions in Music 1. We’ll share how he broadened his knowledge of electronic music styles, dug deep into DAWs like FL Studio and invented a system of notation using apps like Noteflight and Sibelius to capture the tonal nuances of his compositions.

We hope to inspire and equip classroom music teachers to inspire and equip students who might sit outside the traditional composer box to undertake composition for HSC.

EDM composition


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Gig Based Learning  (GBL)

Gig Based Learning (GBL)

Gig Based Learning is a musically informed, philosophically driven learning design and facilitation process. It gives teachers tools to provide students with opportunities for active, engaging, real-world music(k)ing with/for an authentic audience. Building on the integrated learning experiences model - performance, composition, musicology, aural, GBL puts all of these experiences to work for the benefit of producing a great gig, contextualising the learning for the student so that it’s ‘just in time’ not ‘just in case’

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