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We’ve been using Jam Hubs and Roland HS5s since they were invented and they’ve been game changers for us. Our students in the Sydney Con Music Education degrees have embraced them too. But, when we visit schools, they’re often in a dusty corner of a storeroom. In this webinar, we want to encourage you to get your HS5 (which we’ve noticed people call Jam Hubs) out of the storeroom and into action. We’ll share our physical set up tips, show you how the HS5 can replace a host of expensive gear, provide you with shortcuts to get a great sound for each musician, and give you hacks for using your HS5 in creative ways. We hope you’ll come away equipped with ideas to create more music and less noise in your classroom for the benefit of all.

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Gig Based Learning  (GBL)

Gig Based Learning (GBL)

Gig Based Learning is a musically informed, philosophically driven learning design and facilitation process. It gives teachers tools to provide students with opportunities for active, engaging, real-world music(k)ing with/for an authentic audience. Building on the integrated learning experiences model - performance, composition, musicology, aural, GBL puts all of these experiences to work for the benefit of producing a great gig, contextualising the learning for the student so that it’s ‘just in time’ not ‘just in case’

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