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Course Description

Autism is a hugely topical area as the statistics for the prevalence of Autism rise with each year. This has many ramifications for the education system and teaching as parents now demand an equal, inclusive education for their children who have Autism.

Mainstream school & teachers are largely ill-equipped and have minimal Autism training. This course will provide you with vital information, strategies and techniques that you can take back to your school and classroom. 

This is the second of two courses presented by Karen Barley on Autism Awareness. You can take this course as an extension of the original Autism course (Autism Awareness and Strategies for the Educational Environment) or as a stand alone. YOU DO NOT NEED to take the first course to do this one.

NESA Accredited


Principals, teachers, teachers' aides.

Teaching Standards

1.6.2 Proficient Level - Know students and how they learn - Strategies to support full participation of students with disability:   Design and implement teaching activities that support the participation and learning of students with disability and address relevant policy and legislative requirements.

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"I strongly recommend this course. It is extremely relevant and has some very good fact sheets, that are a wonderful reference to add to your tool kit. The course has some thought provoking reflection questions and is such a practical, 'hand-on' course."

- Veronica Waters, The Armidale School

"The course was well organised and easy to navigate through. The readings and videos were engaging and relevant."

- Sarah Stewart, Macarthur Anglican School

"Detailed and authoritative information about Autism, followed by comprehensive material on how to engage autistic students with school. Much terrific advice was presented by teachers working with these students."

- Louise O'Haiher, Teacher

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Course Overview

    • Reference to Professional Standards

    • Acknowledgement of Country

  • 2

    Module 1: Overview

    • Autism - A Neurodiversity

    • Activity: Reflection Exercise

    • Thinking About Labels

    • Ableism

    • Autism Prevalence & Autism in Girls

    • Dr. Temple Grandin 'The Autistic Brain'

    • Reading & Resources

  • 3

    Module 2: How Does Autism Affect Learning?

    • Autism as Ability & Looking More Deeply at the Spectrum

    • Imputed Disability & the Role of the Educator

    • Autism Can Often Mask Real Behaviours

    • Learning Styles & Preferences

    • Activity: How Are You Smart?

    • The Importance of Socialisation

    • Activity: Reflect on Your Practice

    • Extra Resources

  • 4

    Module 3: The Classroom

    • What is an Autism Friendly Classroom?

    • Activity: Creating an Autism Friendly Classroom

    • Strengths & Strength Based Profiles

    • Positive Learning Environments & Controlling Your Workplace Environment

    • Activities: Positive Learning Spaces & Strength Based Profile

    • What Not to Do!

    • Resources for Your Toolbox (The Classroom)

  • 5

    Module 4: Strategies, classroom tools & technology

    • Strategies for the Classroom

    • Visual Schedules in More Detail

    • And Then There is More (Strategies)

    • Activity: Watch a Video & Share

    • When You're on the Right Track!

  • 6

    Course Feedback

    • Course Feedback

Do you teach in NSW? If so, this is relevant to you:

Completing Autism: What Do We Know Now? will contribute 6 hours  of NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) Accredited PD in the priority area of Students/Children with Disability, addressing Standard Descriptor 1.6.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher in NSW.



Karina Barley

Karina Barley

Karina Barley (PhD) is an internationally recognised educational consultant specialising in the needs of children with autism and their families. She has over 25 years of expertise as an educator, private one-on-one consultant, course developer and educational technology specialist. Karina is especially successful connecting with children who have autism and creating behavioural, sensory and educational strategies that help children reach their full potential. Her highly personable style, combined with extensive research, knowledge and firsthand experience of the needs of children with autism, makes her extremely effective and innovative in tailoring individual solutions for families and their schools. Using new and existing approaches, Karina integrates her pioneering work with iPad technology to create differentiated educational programs where children with autism can consistently experience success while learning.

Dr Barley is an accomplished and engaging, sought-after public speaker and teacher trainer. She has shared her significant insights and knowledge on such subjects as, Technology in Education, Technology and Autism, Autism Awareness, 21st Century Learning, Technology and Curriculum Development and other subjects in the United States, Australia and as a keynote guest speaker for international face to face and online conferences.

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